Audiobooks: Pros, Cons, and Where to Start [BONUS INCLUDED]

It’s strange that so few people listen to audiobooks. It seems to me that people just do not know what a thrill it is!

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Good audiobooks create brighter images and stronger emotions in my head than good movies. Perhaps this is because the images in the head are more reliable than the images on the screen. In movies, actors play roles, and I can rarely completely abstract from their performance. And here is just a good story and an interesting storyteller.

Eyes don’t get tired of paper or screen. And so I stare at the luminous points all day. An hour without screens is a luxury.

Can be combined with other activities that do not require a brain. Walks, trips, household chores, cooking.

Audiobooks are soothing. I stopped getting annoyed with people on the subway and on the roads when I became heavily addicted to audiobooks.

I used to read books on my phone before going to bed. But the glowing screen doesn’t help the brain relax. The proximity of Facebook also did not contribute to falling asleep. And I put the phone with the audiobook to charge and broadcast to the other end of the room. When I fall asleep, the audiobook soon pauses by itself using iTired. It’s comfortable.


Requires the ability to maintain attention for a long time. It’s easy for me and a thrill, but for someone else, it can be torture. 

Information is absorbed worse. This is critical for complex professional literature.

Movies and TV shows can be watched together; this usually does not work with audiobooks. In this they are more like books.

There are books for 6, 8 and even 12 hours or more. You can’t listen to this at once, and they don’t hit on comfortable episodes for 40 minutes.

Bad reading kills all the fun. A few audiobooks are performed poorly.

Where to Start?

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