Audible vs Audiobooks: Which is Better?


Which one is better, why should you get it, and which one should you get?

You’re here because you want answers. You’ve been thinking about giving Audible or Audiobooks a test spin on their 30-day free trial, but don’t know which one to try first. Maybe you just want a link to the best possible free trial deal for either one. In this article, Audible vs Audiobooks, I will briefly explain the slight differences in both that will help you get the answers you are looking for.  By the end of the article, I am sure you will be more than ready to make a decision!

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Audible vs. Review

I am a huge fan of audiobooks. Audiobooks enable me to continuously learn whilst performing mundane activities. I drive a lot for work, so it’s one of my main options to listen to when I’m bored with the radio or YouTube. And every night, I fall asleep to one of my favorite self-hypnosis audiobooks, Complete Motivation-End Procrastination & Get Things Done by Kev Thompson. And let me tell you, I’m asleep within minutes. While explaining Audible to my friend, she asked if there were audio books on learning a different language. After a quick search, I found plenty. That is my next learning project. Saves me a ton of $ not having to buy the Rosetta Stone Language program! I am also planning to have my young children learn the language of their roots. Having audiobooks that can teach them this will definitely help.

I joined Audible using the 30-day free trial about 4 years ago. I, like you are contemplating right now, was faced with the decision to accept something for free. Doesn’t that sound funny? Anyways, I accepted the free trial because there was a free audio book promised to me in my trial.  “Nothing to lose,” I thought to myself. “I’ll just cancel before the 30 days is up.”  Well, it’s been 4 years now, and I still have a subscription. And I promise you, it wasn’t because I forgot to cancel.

About once a year, I suspend my subscription, since I accumulate too many credits. Credits are the tokens used to purchase any audiobook regardless of the price. 1 credit = 1 audiobook purchase. My main purchases have been self-help books and self-hypnosis & meditation books. So I basically just listen to the same 2 to 4 audio books all the time, which means I don’t make many purchases often, and the credits start accumulating. However, I do dive into the story books every now and then. Those are primarily the audiobooks I purchase with my credits since they are well above the monthly subscription price. So to me that adds up as savings. It feels good buying something about 59% lower than the market price.

Here’s a tip: Use cash to purchase books that are cheaper than the monthly subscription price you pay, and use your credits to pay for books well above the subscription price.

Audible sends an email or two after about 2 months on pause from a subscription, with offers that have vastly reduced prices on multiple credit bundles to entice people to come back. I’ve accepted one or two of these before since they are great deals. 

So as you can tell, I’m also a fan of free or great offers, so I recently decided to pause Audible for a little while and look for other audiobook companies that can offer me a trial membership and give me a book or two for free. Is it beating the system? Yes, and I have no shame over it.

After some research, I found that the biggest competitor to Audible is So I decided to test them out.

Quick Comparison

Audible is owned by the giant Amazon, whilst is owned by RBmedia.

Both and Audible offer excellent services; after some usage and testing, I can assure you, you will be happy with either service. Which one you choose just depends on what you are looking for.

In terms of product offerings, both companies have an excellent and extensive library.  Both libraries feature 200,000+ titles, so, for significant book releases, you will not really see a difference. And we’re not just talking about story books or autobiographies here. Both offer a wide range of genres to include self-help audio books to help you learn whatever it is you want i.e., sales, dating, etc.; self-hypnosis recordings for motivation, deep sleep, smoking, anxiety, relaxation, etc.; kids’ books—perfect for parents lacking the time for bedtime stories, and much much more.

Where you will see a difference is the sheer amount of original content that is offered by Audible.

What I have noticed over the past few years are the incredible growth in Audible Originals and exclusive content.  Audible being an Amazon company, are able to invest heavily in differentiating themselves from their competitors. cannot compete with this.

What you get with memberships (just the main important stuff – none of the fluff)

As of this posting, both Audible and have the same monthly subscription price of $14.95/month after the free trial period.

With Audible and, you will get to permanently own any 1 premium audiobook (of your choice) per month on a standard subscription plan.

Depending which company you subscribe to, you will also get access to the free Audible Plus catalog for Audible, and access to the exclusive VIP selection on I use the words “access to” because both companies have occasionally changed how many audiobooks you can access per month on their Original titles and VIP selection, respectively. These “Original Titles” and “VIP Selection” books aren’t best sellers, however they can equally be as entertaining.

If you terminate your monthly or yearly subscription with Audible or, you get to keep any audiobooks purchased either by cash or credits (gained from the free trial or monthly subscription) forever. The difference here is that for, you lose any VIP titles you chose.

Returns policy:

For Audible, if you do not like an audiobook, for whatever reason, the narrator, the plot, or it is merely dull, you can return your book within one year of purchase, no questions asked, and get a full refund of the one credit or cash spent. I have done this before, both because the audio was sub par, or the book was dull. It was two returns within the same month, and I did not hear any complaints from Audible.

Unlike with Audible, with, there is no easily discernible way to return a book you are unhappy with. It is at the discretion of

30-day Free Trial Process, Cancellations of the Free Trial or Membership:

To join the 30-Day Free Trial for both companies, you have to enter a credit card. With Audible, if you already have an active Amazon account, it’s even easier to join. Literally 3 to 4 clicks and done in 1 to 2 minutes. About 5 minutes if you do not have an Amazon account. It takes about the same time for

You do not get charged during the 30-day free trial for either Audible or Both companies start their charges on day 31.

I know for sure that cancelling an Audible subscription/trial is as easy as 1,2,3. That’s relatively the number of clicks it takes. I have not yet cancelled, however it does look like it is the same easy process.  If you’re thinking about cancelling a 30-day free trial membership for either one, just do it a week in advance so you won’t be charged at all.

So Who is Better?

Well, it really is a hard choice as both are relatively the same, however Audible does score 1 or 2 points above Maybe it’s because they’re a little older or maybe it’s because they’re Amazon. Whatever the reason, Audible does win this comparison.

What to do now?

Now that you know Audible is just a fraction better than, should you just go straight to Audible to sign up for their free 30-day trial? You’re more than welcome to do it if you want to. Just use the link at the bottom. However, if I was given the choice again between the two, I would not start with Audible. Here is why….

Both companies offer free audiobooks to permanently keep, even after canceling the trial period. Do you see where I’m getting at? Start the trial with, get an audiobook that you would love to listen to over and over again. After the purchase of the audiobook(s) with your free credit(s), you can cancel within the same hour and be able to do just that, and not worry about having to cancel within the month. Then on the same hour, sign-up for the Audible 30-day free trial. You can also cancel within the same hour if you wanted to. I would hold until the 25th day to make a solid decision. Now if you want to continue with Audible and/or after 30 days then you’re free to do so. If you don’t, then you just have to set 1 reminder on your phone to cancel the trial membership(s). It’s that easy.

But if all I’ve said isn’t enough for you to make a decision to sign up for one or both today, then I hope by reminding you that both are completely free and takes less than 5 minutes of your time each, will make the decision even easier. 

Like me, you probably grew up thinking nothing in this world is free. That is true. Because this process takes 5 minutes of your time, it isn’t completely free. But it is free in terms of money. In fact, if you get paid $30/hour, then 5 minutes of your time is $2.50. A premium audiobook can cost anywhere from $4 to $35. You can get 3 of them easily by signing up for both free trials. 4 in total if you sign up for Amazon Prime first then Audible. By being an Amazon Prime member, when you sign up for Audible, you get an additional free audiobook of your choice to keep permanently.

I hope I made your decision a little easier using facts, a little logic, and some tips to beat the system. I would be very thankful if you used my affiliate links to sign-up for any of these companies 30-day free trials. They are the most up to date promotional affiliate links for these offers for 2020. For the Audible link, you may even get an extra audiobook. I know my friend did when she signed up last month using my affiliate link. 

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Affiliate Offers!

Get 3 free audiobooks when you sign up for the 30-Day Free Trial. You get to keep the free premium audiobooks you chose, even upon cancellation. 


Get 1 free premium audiobook of your choice + access to the Audible Plus catalog  when you sign up for the Audible Plus 30 Day Free Trial. You get to keep any audiobook purchased through your free credit even upon cancellation. 

Tip#1: Amazon Prime members can get an additional free audiobook, so sign up for the 30-day Amazon Prime Trial first (use the Amazon Prime Free Trial link), then use this link to sign up for the Audible Free Trial.

Tip#2: You can also return the free audiobook(s) within the free trial period, no questions asked, and then get another free audiobook.

Amazon Prime

Don’t Have Amazon Prime yet? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.
Special benefits for Amazon Prime members including:
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I will list down the links again below in the order they should be done to get the maximum benefit with minimum time involved doing it. They are all designed to open in another window so that you can keep this page open to save you more time. At most, signing up to everything should be no more than 10 minutes of your time. 

  1. 30-day Free Trial
  2. Amazon Prime 30-day Free Trial
  3. Audible 30-day Free Trial

I am an affiliate of Audible under Amazon Associates and also an affiliate of What this means is that I may receive commissions, at absolutely no cost to you, when you click my affiliate links and make qualified purchases. My job is to provide you with the most up to date promotions available. At times these promotions are better than what you would normally get. It is not often, but does happen. Commissions earned through my affiliate links help support this website, so if you used my affiliate links, I thank you for that. 


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