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Did you know Amazon gave these away?

How are you doing in 2020? So many are penny pinching these days that everyone needs a little help in saving some money. But saving money doesn’t always just mean saving that cash. There’s also saving on expenses which is the same thing. If you have a subscription to Netflix, subscription to your phone provider’s photo cloud, an audiobook subscription, or even a subscription to a music service, there’s a way to keep these luxuries, whilst reducing your expenses, even if it’s just for a little while.

Let’s talk about some ways in which you can do this. 

Note: To make it easier for you, I will leave the promotional affiliate links at the bottom of the page in the order they should be taken if you (or significant other) have never taken advantage of their free trials. Remember, you can pause your subscription, and have your significant other start a free trial to save some money.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that offers everything listed below for FREE during their 30-day Free Trial.

  • 1 additional free premium audio book when you sign up for the 30-Day Free Audible Trial.
  • Access to instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes.
  • Borrow Kindle books
  • Free, Unlimited, Photo Storage
  • Free Access to millions of song titles from Amazon Music
  • Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size)
  • Special subscription prices for students or qualifying individuals.

Amazon Prime

As you read above, some of you may be able to take advantage of Amazon Prime to save some money. 

  1. Some of you probably pay a small premium for access to your phone company’s photo storage cloud. Amazon Prime offers free unlimited storage for photos. If you are one of the people paying for cloud space, then this will save you some money. 
  2. Amazon Prime’s video streaming service is no joke. I find it comparable to Netflix, much better if you include HBO or Cinemax with your Amazon Prime, which is easily added through Amazon. There are TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime that isn’t in Netflix, and vice versa. However, Amazon offers a 1-stop shop to be able to add in premium movie channels as well. And all those premium movie channels have a 1 week or more free trial period if you’re interested or just want to stretch out how much free stuff you can get. Don’t forget to catch the new season of “The Boys” when you opt in to the 1 week HBO free trial given by Amazon Prime. Those with a Netflix subscription can cancel or pause their subscription for a month to save a little money. Those without a budget to have any streaming video service, now has 30 days to binge on shows because it’s free!
  3. Amazon Prime includes Amazon Music, which gives you access to millions of songs. Some of you have music subscriptions that you can pause or cancel to save money, while still keeping this luxury. You can also opt to try the premium 30-Day Free Trial of Amazon Music Unlimited for millions more of mainstream popular music. 
  4. Alot of us now order online, even for basic household supplies or snacks. Now, you can order it any time you want and not have to wait to make a bulk order because you want free delivery. With Amazon Prime, you can now get free deliveries at no minimum order price. 
  5. If you are interested in audio books, by starting Amazon Prime’s free 30-day trial first, you can get an additional free premium audio book, on top of the one you already get, when you sign up for Audible’s 30-day free trial.


Audible is also a subscription service for those who enjoy audio books. They also offer a 30-Day Free Trial in which they give you 1 free premium audio book of your choice, plus access to the Audible Plus library. If you’re not a lover of books, read the next paragraph. You may be surprised to find some use in this subscription. 

They have a variety of audio books for everyone, from novels, self-help, self-hypnosis while you sleep, meditation, children’s books, as well books to help you learn a language. That in itself is priceless. If you’re stuck at home, unemployed and want to increase your worth for a future employer, why not learn a new language? They beauty in this is you can get this free during your free trial.

Here are some useful TIPS


Amazon Prime members can get an additional free premium audio book when they sign up for Audible, so sign up for the 30-day Amazon Prime Free Trial first, then sign up for the Audible 30-Day Free Trial. Doing it in this order will score you 2 free premium audio books.


Audible allows you to return audio books for any reason, even during the 30-day Free Trial Period. I have returned two audio books before that I didn’t like within a 30 days of each other. There were no questions asked, and I immediately received a refund of my credits. I exchanged them for two other audio books that were far better. You can do this too, even during the free trial period.

TIP #3

This will probably the most important tip of all. TIMING!

If you do not want a hard time remembering what to cancel and when, then make sure you join the free trial to all the 30-day Free Trials I’ve mentioned, ON THE SAME DAY! This way you can just make one reminder on your phone to cancel subscriptions in 25 days. This gives you 5 days of buffer time to decide whether you want to cancel it or continue with the subscriptions. This will guarantee you don’t accidentally continue a subscription you did not enjoy.


After your trial ends or is cancelled by you, you MAY be able to do the same free trials, by having your spouse, parent, roommate girl/boyfriend, etc., start their trial as you end yours. If you do this, you technically “double” your free trials. Just make sure you bookmark this page so you can come back to it if you decide to try this route.

In summary, I really hope some of you can take advantage of these offers. And I hope some, if not the majority of you, benefits from it and/or saves some money. During this time of the pandemic I know every penny counts. These are just some ways to make sure they do. 

The promotional affiliate links below are listed in the order they should be taken if you want to take full advantage of all the offers, with minimum sign-up time. At most, signing up to everything should be no more than 10 to 15 minutes of your time. 

  1. Amazon Prime 30-day Free Trial
  2. Audible 30-day Free Trial
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited 30-day Free Trial (ends 12/29/20)
  4. Amazon Prime Video Channel’s Free Trial (HBO, Showtime, STARZ, etc) (ends 12/30/20)

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