(Audiobook) Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude- Book Review

‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ is a self-help book written by Napoleon Hill in partnership with millionaire, W. Clement Stone. The entire book revolves around helping you achieve success by learning how to maintain a positive mental attitude through various situations in life. We must all realize that success is solely dependent upon how hard you’re willing to work.

Failure is a part of life; however, when most people are faced with obstacles, they tend to give up. This is not how you handle obstacles as you will never progress; in the book, you’ll learn how to tackle these exact issues with a clear mind to continue moving forward towards your primary goal.

‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ Review

One of the things I like about this book is that it puts into perspective how your mind works practically. The book starts by providing a realistic portrait of how each side of your brain works. On one side of your brain, there is a PMA or Positive Mental Attitude. On the other side of your mind, there are the letters NMA, which stands for Negative Mental Attitude.

Throughout each chapter in the book, you’ll learn about various techniques and methods you can use to bolster a positive mental attitude in your life regardless of circumstances. Even though the book was written in 2008, it touches on many themes that are becoming more prevalent in 2020.

While the book does not directly refer to this principle as “the law of attraction,” it’s the same thing. In one section, it talks about how maintaining a positive attitude will attract abundance and fulfillment in your life.

In another section, the book talks about how maintaining a negative attitude will only hinder your progress forward and ultimately lead to an unfulfilled life. The book is written in a manner that is easy to understand yet very comprehensive, something I like about the book.

If you’ve been struggling with persisting through challenges in your life, ‘Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude’ is a great title to read.

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