(Audiobook) The Diet Myth: Complete Review

About the book

Thanks to this book, you will get answers to exciting questions: why diets do not work and how to eat right.

We know that “eating right” helps you stay lean, energetic and healthy for years to come. However, to the question: “How does it feel to eat right?” there are many options for an answer, which often contradict each other or are completely mutually exclusive. For example, according to the recommendations of some nutritionists, meat and dairy products (and the animal fats they contain) should be abandoned, while others, on the contrary, argue that carbohydrates should be excluded. And then there is the glycemic index, body mass index, protein-fat-carbohydrate, cholesterol and calorie intake, which should not be exceeded (and this is not a complete list). On closer examination, expert advice and recommendations based on them, which often seem quite logical, turn out to be in fact oversimplified.

For a long time, nutritionists have tried to identify several ingredients that can bring health or cause disease. Fat, sugar, gluten have been declared harmful at different times … But products consist of many ingredients. Even products that belong to the same group can be “unequally useful”. For example, saturated fats, which have long been considered dangerous, are different in butter and cheese, and it cannot be argued that eating these foods has the same effect on the body.

The more we delve into the topic, the sooner we will see that the questions: “Why are we gaining weight?” and “What foods should you eat?” cannot be answered absolutely unambiguously. Tim Spector shows that the key to health and harmony is not in the formula: “Eat less and move more”, but in the microbiome, which is different for everyone.

Based on the latest advances in science and his own innovative research in the field of genetics, Spector explains: many seemingly unshakable postulates are actually misconceptions, the potential harm or benefits of many products have not been proven, and in order to achieve health and harmony, you need to understand the individual characteristics of your body, especially the microbiome …

From the author

I wanted to find a formula that would help me stay healthy while reducing risks and alleviating the symptoms of today’s most common diseases. However, the most popular diets mostly focus on weight loss and not other aspects of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Some overweight people experience little to no metabolic symptoms, while others who are lean and slender seem to have very little subcutaneous fat, but at the same time they suffer from obesity of internal organs with the most devastating health consequences. And scientists cannot understand in any way why this happens.

The recent changes in our tiny gut microbes in particular, and in our microbiota in general, are most likely responsible for both the obesity epidemic and its dire consequences – diabetes, cancer and heart disease. DNA analysis of intestinal microbes makes it possible to predict the possibility of obesity in a particular individual much more accurately than examining all 20 thousand genes. And what will happen if you start to study viruses and fungi!

The types and numbers of microbes that inhabit our insides, to some extent, explain the link between our diet and health. In particular, why research results on dietary patterns in individuals and populations differ so widely. Why a low-fat diet works (although not for everyone), and a high-fat diet is well tolerated by some and dangerous to others. Why can someone safely consume a lot of carbohydrates, while someone extracts more calories from the same amount and gets fat? Why do some people happily eat red meat, while others, after eating a little, earn cardiovascular diseases. And even why older people who move to a nursing home and change their diet are more susceptible to various ailments.

Book features

An in-depth look at the science behind food and the ingredients it contains from a renowned and respected scientist.

The answer to the question: “Why does one person eat certain foods and gain weight, while the other remains slim?”

Fascinating style: interesting but complex facts and phenomena are explained in simple language.

Who is this book for?

For anyone interested in nutrition.

For those who have realized that diets don’t work.

For those who want to know more about their body.

About the author:

Tim Spector - author of the book

Tim Spector is Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, director of the TwinsUK Registry, a registry of 11,000 twins. Since 1992, he has proven that many diseases are not only related to nutrition and the environment, but also to genetics. Published over 700 articles in scientific journals, including Science and Nature. Tim is the project manager for the human microbiome research and author of several books and an academic award winner. She also conducts research in epigenetics – the science of how our genes are influenced by the environment.

Author: Tim Spector


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