(Audiobook) Punching the Air: Complete Review

Summary of Punching the Air

By award-winning, bestselling writer Ibi Zoboi and prison reform activist Yusef Salaam of this Exonerated Five comes with a strong YA novel in verse about a boy who’s wrongfully incarcerated. Fantastic for lovers of this Noughts & Crosses show along with The Hate U Give.

1 fateful night, an altercation at a gentrifying neighbourhood fades into catastrophe. ‘Boys simply being boys’ proves to be authentic only when these boys are all white.

Despair and anger nearly sink him till he turns into the sanctuary of his phrases, his artwork. This should have been story. But can he alter it?

With spellbinding lyricism, award-winning writer Ibi Zoboi and prison reform activist Yusef Salaam inform a deeply deep story about the one boy can keep his humanity and struggle for the fact, in a method built to strip him of equally.

My Review: Punching the Air

Reviving a friendship which goes back nearly 20 decades, Zoboi writes Exonerated five-star Salaam, researching racial anxieties, criminal havoc, and revolutionary hope for a brand new day.

Even though it highlights a number of the exact identical unfair systemic issues Salaam confronted, this narrative isn’t a biographical representation of his or her adventures. Instead, Zoboi provides viewers with her brilliance and accuracy in this book in poetry that centres around the fictional accounts of 16-year-old Amal Shahid. He is an art student and poet whose life radically shifts after he’s accused of attacking a White boy intense night, pulling out serious concerns about the remedy of Black youth as well as the unpleasant limits of America’s investment in forms of justice. The composing enable many readers to view their inner voices confirmed since it uplifts street style, Muslim religion, along with hip-hop cadences, showcasing poetry’s ability in speech seldom found in YA literature. The bodily types of these first-person poems include thickness into the text, supplying an essential calling-in to problems essential to the domestic discourse from reimagining our connection to authorities and prisons. Clients can ask: Where can we go from here?

The story behind Punching the Air:


Sample: Play Sample

Date: September 2020

Written By: Yusef SalaamIbi Zoboi

Duration: 4 hours 28 minutes

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers UK

Narrated By: Ethan Herisse

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